My name is Fabienne Goeree and I graduated in 2016 as a dietician at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I live and work on Texel.

During my training I gained work experience within 2 nursing homes . I have worked in the somatics, rehabilitation, (young) dementia and psychogeriatrics departments. I also developed an intervention for the lonely elderly. During my graduation research I investigated the possibilities to achieve the energy and protein needs with energy and protein (rich) benefits, instead of medical drink nutrition for rehabilitation patients (55+).

After my education I immediately went to work as a dietician at Therapy Wolf together with my colleague Tamara. I find the collaboration with various disciplines particularly challenging because it leads to even better care.

The majority of the week I cycle around on Texel on my bike and I visit the vulnerable people on a home visit. I can also be found in the nursing home and the Gollards. I also run consultations at Therapy Wolf in Jonkerstraat.

I specialize in guiding people with gastrointestinal complaints and I regularly use the FODMAP diet. The FODMAP-restricted diet is intended for people with irritable bowel syndrome, for example. I think it is nice to see that so many people with much fewer complaints leave the practice after taking this diet.