My name is Janicke Ramjiawan . In 2012 I graduated as a dietitian at the Hogeschool Amsterdam.

During my four-year HBO study ‘Nutrition and Dietetics’ I have seen many facets of the profession and gained practical experience. I completed my internship in a hospital. I also lived in Paramaribo, Suriname, for half a school year. Here I worked at a free dietician’s practice and did volunteer work in the hospital of Paramaribo, among others. During my time in Suriname I kept myself busy full-time with the study of the country, the population and the food culture. A rich experience.

In September 2012 I followed the Premaster Health Sciences with the specialization ‘Nutrition’. In addition, I successfully completed various POST HBO courses.

My passion for food and cooking and my enthusiasm with which I want to help people on their way to a healthier lifestyle have led me to decide, together with Tamara, to set up a Slim Fit dietitian and lifestyle coach.