The festive season is just around the corner and we are preparing for big parties, parties and company. In no other period are we exposed to so many ‘unhealthy’ temptations. It is not for nothing that after the holidays we all go ‘on the line’ together. We feel fat, unattractive and frustrated because we have gone beyond our book. On Boxing Day you realize that you are chewing on something that you don’t even like or that you didn’t know you were chewing on. That is the moment when the ‘good intentions’ for next year are often invented. In this article, I describe 7 scientifically supported ways to prevent you from arriving during the holidays.

1. Eat before the party starts

Many people tend to eat less before the party starts because they think they compensate for the abundance of calories. If you look purely at the calories, that’s right, but several studies show that you will get more calories later because you are less able to keep a good size when you are exposed to good food.

Therefore, eat well in advance, so that you can keep a better size during parties. Extra tip: Start your day with 3 eggs and a small handful of almonds. Does wonders!

2. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly

Take the time to properly chew your food! Not only does it give your body time to signal “FULL!” but it also ensures that your body can digest the food better. An additional side effect is that the food also comes into your system bit by bit, so that the energy is also released more evenly. And the last advantage is that you take longer to eat something delicious, so you also have less time to grab something new again.

So eat consciously, chew well and slowly.

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3. Go for the proteins

Almost all recent studies on diets indicate that the proteins ensure that you are full for longer and feel saturated for longer. So choose protein-rich foods. Matters such as meat, nuts and dairy ensure that you quickly become saturated (careful with the dairy). In addition, the proteins are also important for healthy growth and muscle recovery … even if you don’t go to the gym that is important. So go for protein-rich food.

4. Avoid the fast carbohydrates

I know this is quite a challenge, because there is no shortage of sweets and snacks during the holidays. But as you have been able to read, it’s all about ‘keeping up to date’ during the holidays. The fast carbohydrates, which are in cakes, sweets and white bread, for example, release their energy quickly to our body, causing an insulin peak. And insulin peaks in turn cause hunger and hunger, making it harder to resist the temptations.

So limit the intake of fast carbohydrates, and should you nevertheless get fast carbohydrates, combine it with something that is well saturated, such as nuts, vegetables, dairy or meat.

5. Use small plates

Research shows that people are driven to eat their plates empty … even if they know they are already full. Our brains associate a large plate with a lot of white space, with a small portion. Your brain registers the whitespace and gives you the feeling that you have eaten a small portion. Research also shows that the opposite also works. So choose a small plate and fool your brain. It really works!

6. Take chewing gum or smints with you

This is a trick that I often use myself. Make sure you take chewing gum or a Smint between snacks. It ensures that your mouth is constantly moving and you have less appetite. This is apparent from various studies. And let’s be honest … with that mint flavor in your mouth it is also difficult to enjoy something sweet.

7. Drink water

Water is perhaps the most essential part if you want to lose weight and live a healthier life. Various studies indicate that drinking a large glass of water increases your metabolism for up to 45 minutes. In addition, water is known to give you a feeling of satiety. So drink a few large glasses of water during the day.

Do you also want to eat a little healthier?

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